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Lirik Rapper Muda Indonesia Rich Brian 'Kids' Sehari Rilis Langsung 2 Juta Viewer

Lagu yang dibawakan rapper Indonesia Rich Brian ini menjadi buah bibir lantaran sang rapper merupakan penyanyi taraf internasional.

Lirik Rapper Muda Indonesia Rich Brian 'Kids' Sehari Rilis Langsung 2 Juta Viewer
Rich Brian penyanyi muda Indonesia yang tengah go international 

BANGKAPOS.COM - Simak berikut lirik dan video Rich Brian 'Kids' begitu mengambarkan kehidupan yang Indonesia banget.

Akhirnya video terbaru bertemakan Indonesia sang rapper muda ini dirilis juga.

Tepat pada 19 Juli 2019, video Rich Brian 'Kids' dirilis ke publik lewat akun YouTube 88Rising.

Hanya dalam sehari video Rich Brian 'Kids' sudah menarik banyak perhatian di YouTube Indonesia.

Lagu yang dibawakan rapper bernama asli Brian Imanuel ini menjadi buah bibir lantaran sang rapper merupakan penyanyi taraf internasional.

Diketahui beberapa kali Rich Brian bawakan lagu-lagu ciptaannya yang menceritakan soal kehiduapan yang dialaminya.

Penasaran dengan video Rich Brian 'Kids', berikut Tribunstyle sajikan video dan lirik lengkapnya.

Lirik Lagu Rich Brian ' Kids '

[Verse 1]

Ayy, uh
I'm puttin' numbers on the board and blowin' more digits
I haven't started, man, these are just the before pictures
Shout out my parents, my mother gave birth to four winners
All of the players in the game, it's always cold benches
Been in the studio, I forgot how to sleep
Not tryna make an album they forget 'bout in a week
They said the fruit never gon' fall far from the tree
I used to be the kid, now the kids wanna be me
Trippin' 'bout my future like way before there was cameras
Hella plans on my calendar 'fore I went all professional
Less souls to trust, man, these people makin' me cynical
More copycats and less people soundin' original
Same destination, we just took different routes
Fuck bein' one the greatest, I'm tryna be the greatest one
I ain't sayin' I ain't grateful for everything I've become
But the throne looks more comfortable than this chair I'm sittin' on
My name is Brian, cold bars is what I'm known for
If my vision ain't scarin' me, then I don't go for it
'Member my first days here when it was all foreign
Now I'm on TV with James Corden, that shit was crazy
Just got a place with a backyard, I feel amazing
Nothin' can get between me and the dreams I'm chasin'
Ain't got the time for partyin', no more gettin' wasted
'Less you got the 1942, man, then get the chaser
You hatin' on me, but you know I got it
You big in your city, I'm the king of a continent
These rappers tryna make the trendin' topic
While the state of music goin' south
But I don't even want to talk about it
Let's talk about it, nah, let's talk about it
Before all these folks decide it's cool to give a fuck about it
Everyone's tryna make hits, I'm just tryna make music
You know, the kind that makes you feel when you listen to it?
I'm the youngest child, I don't need more attention
You writin' some bullshit, I write the lyrics meant for the captions
I'm makin' songs that'll probably outlive us for generations
Started off as the sailor, look at me, now I'm the captain
I won't lie, this shit is fun
Tell these Asian kids they could do what they want
Might steal the mic at the GRAMMYs just to say we won
That everyone can make it, don't matter where you from

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