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Lirik Rapper Muda Indonesia Rich Brian 'Kids' Sehari Rilis Langsung 2 Juta Viewer

Lagu yang dibawakan rapper Indonesia Rich Brian ini menjadi buah bibir lantaran sang rapper merupakan penyanyi taraf internasional.

Lirik Rapper Muda Indonesia Rich Brian 'Kids' Sehari Rilis Langsung 2 Juta Viewer
Rich Brian penyanyi muda Indonesia yang tengah go international 

Can't forget about the day that Sean called me
Talkin' 'bout a vision called 88 that he's dreamin'
Man, I love him like a brother, if we fall, we gon' recover
Just a man with a vision who mastered in causin' trouble (You can't see)

Man, I can't see the finish line
Fall back, fall back, I ain't fuckin' 'round this time (Anymore)
Did God know he created a legend in '99? (Anymore)
Fuck pretendin' on a track, man, I mean every single line

[Verse 2]
Touched down, never holdin' back
Shinin' like some bustdown, sailin' 'round without a map
Been the underdog, now it's time to let me quarterback
Killin' shit in uncharted territories, man, this shit get hella gory
Whole country of people proud, so I'm never worried
Glad you're sittin' through the credits, man, this is my story
The type of shit that make me cry when I record it
This the type of shit that still gon' make me proud even when I'm 40

R.I.P. Nipsey, R.I.P. Mac
These inspirations always gon' motivate me to rap
Let's celebrate their lives and the people that they impact
The marathon continues, ain't no way we lookin' back
Amazon Prime flow, you know I'll always deliver
We crossed oceans for a chance just to feel somethin' better
Generations to sacrifice, that we'll always remember
It's that circle of life shit, they hold me up like I'm Simba
They told me I ain't welcome, I'm here to stay, and my visa says so
Just wait and see whose songs they gon' blast up in they headphones
Come back like every couple years to destroy like tornadoes
Victorious tropical flow comin' straight from Indo'
These plants only grow to just get cut and disposed
Their spotlight is dimmin', my future's so bright that it glows
You want the blueprint for impossible, I'll let it show
Remember when Pac said, "The concrete grows a rose"

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