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Chord Gitar, Lirik dan Arti Lagu Snap Rosa Lin yang Viral di TikTok: Snapping One Two Where Are You

Sedang viral jadi sound TikTok berikut chord gitar, lirik, dan terjemahan lagu Snap milik Rosa Linn.

YouTube/Rosa Linn
Chord gitar, lirik, dan arti lagu Snap-Rosa Linn yang sedang viral di TikTok 

i can't turn my head off

-G             Am

 wishin' these memories would fade

    -F       C

they never do

     -G          Am

turns out people lie

         -F              C

they say, just snap your fingers

  -G         Am

as if it was really that easy

             -F       C -G

for me to get over you

F           G

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